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Re: CF without a trainer

Originally Posted by Will Feber View Post
Aren't olympic lifts a part of a lot of crossfit wods though? You are basically suggesting to do crossfit wods without olympic lifts?

Aside from them, the other exercises appearing in crossfit wods are perfectly fine to learn by yourself? I mean, regarding proper form and prevention of injury.
Yes, that's what I'm suggesting, but I generally assume that 99% of the people here won't listen.

Regarding proper form and prevention of injury, I think it is much more likely that you will injure yourself throwing up a 95 lb snatch very quickly and for high reps than it is if you were going to take the time to learn to snatch like a weightlifter.

And, yes, people have been running, jumping rope, doing pushups, lifting barbells and all sorts of other things that appear in WODs all by themselves for hundreds and even thousands of years depending on the exercise. The human race hasn't died out yet.
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