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J's Log

I am 1 week into crossfitting at my home/garage gym. My little gym consists of a pull-up bar and a 25 pound plate. Well I have been doing the bodyweight WOD’s from a large list. Coming out really sore after each workout, but feeling better the next day.

I started with a half Angie on my first day. I got a time of 17 minutes. I hope that is not too bad. First time doing that many pull-ups ever in a workout. I was extremely tired after this workout that is for sure.

My second WOD was Cindy. I completed 9 full rounds in the 20 minute period. This was the very next day after my half Angie. I was pretty winded after the 4th round, but pushed myself when I found out I still had 11 minutes to go.

The next day I was pretty tired, but in a way ready for another WOD. So I thought I would try a WOD that has running in it. I tried to do a partitioned Murphy, not caring at all about my time since I am still less than a week in, just wanting to finish it. Only problem with Murphy was where I decided to use the pull-up bar is about 1.5 miles away. So I jogged there, then started the 1 mile which I found out is 1.5 miles, miscalculation, and I tried partitioning it to help me not fatigue. I was going to do 20 rounds of 5-10-15. Well I died out at round 6 on squats at 25 minutes. My legs were like jello. I had to walk home because every time I started to jog I was wobbling.

10-22-10 I was really sore and tired so I just practiced some OHS with my 25 pound plate. I ended up getting about 50 OHS in. Then I switched it up and did 35 pull-ups of different types. L, chin-up, wide-grip and tried kipping (failed miserably).

10-23-10 I decided to make my own WOD with some burpees in it. I did 4 rounds for time of 25 squats, 15 burpees, and 10 each leg lunges. I wanted something that I thought I could do, but have to push myself. I wasn’t sure how tired I was going to be after doing squats, burpees and lunges right after each other. I have not done a burpee in like 3-4 years. Well my time for 4 rounds was 17:38. Burpees were a lot harder than I remember.

Now that I have given myself a small foundation I will keep going. Hopefully once I get a gym membership or some weights I will start doing other WOD’s not just the bodyweight ones.
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