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Re: We need a water/swim obstacle in a CF competition. Why?

I don't understand the obsession with swimming lately in CF, people have been doing great without it for about 5-6 years now. If you want to do it on your own, then so be it, but don't start expressing the need for everyone else to do it (same with biking). I used to be a fantastic swimmer from ages 5-12 then got burned out and focused on other sports. I am still an efficient swimmer and beat most of my old friends in races for fun, and I still try to get to the pool a few times a year mainly just for fun (see water basketball). However if someone has managed to get into their 20's or 30's never having swam before than it obviously is not important to that persons life and is definitely not going to be life threatening to them. Same goes for biking, are you a bad parent because you don't teach your kid to ride a bike? I honestly cannot remember the last time I was on a bike, or if I ever actually NEEDED to be on a bike. Who are we to say that you should HAVE to know how to swim or bike? My guess is that if they managed to avoid the pool for 20+ years now that they are grown and can make their own decisions that they are not going to take vacations to lakes, rivers or oceans, and are not going to spend their summers at the pool, so who cares if they know how to swim or not? Also just adding stuff into CF workouts isn't going to do the trick, tbh if they started adding in swimming to the mainsite, etc. I would totally ignore it, and if it came up in the sectionals / regionals I would be totally confident in my abilities having done zero swim specific workouts. Thats why Crossfit is GPP (which is not caveman stuff, but what is relevant in YOUR specific life), there is all kinds of stuff you could start to say is 'life-saving' and therefore should be added to WoDs but that gets ridiculous really fast, and is not a good way to program a fitness regiment. In reality you would be way better off practicing CPR technique and the heimlich if you were truly concerned with real life saving because last time I checked I have performed CPR twice and have yet to come on an instance of lifting a fallen tree off of a person. Instead of looking at the one thing (aparently) she cannot do, maybe you should praise her on her accomplishments so far, because maybe she doesn't give two ****s about swimming, I don't.

Edit: And if you threw it into the games, say AFTER every event, they threw that in, are you seriously going to sit there and after a 200m swim or 500m swim go "Ok, NOW they can officially be considered the fittest man/woman in the world, but definitely NOT before that swim, that swim TOTALLY DEFINED THE GAMES and definitely pushed my opinion over the edge!" That is ridiculous.
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