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Re: GH Sit-ups, Worth The Risk?

I'll defer to Steven's physiological knowledge on this topic. +1 what he said.

Probably for some of the reasons Steven pointed out, GHD situps aren't improved by other GPP work. If you've done a lot of high-intensity front squats and shoulder presses, you're probably not going to get rhabdo from the thrusters in Fran--I say probably, because it could still happen. Likewise, a high capacity for deadlifts and cleans would be a pretty good indicator of your ability to handle high-rep SDHPs. But there's really no good preparation for GHD situps aside from doing a few reps of GHD situps every day until your body adapts to the demands of that specific movement. You may be fine with high-rep squats, but GHD situps work a completely different set of muscles in a very different way.
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