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Re: GH Sit-ups, Worth The Risk?

Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post

Any workout that includes high-rep GHD situps should be prefaced with a Rhabdo warning on the mainpage comments or at least in the WOD forum on matter how many crunches or knees-to-elbows you've done, if you've never done GHD situps, you should limit yourself to about 10 of them for your first few WODs and do the remainder on the abmat. Add GHD work to your buy-in or cash-out every day til you build up a decent tolerance to them...THEN consider doing a workout that includes a lot of them. You'll still probably have a hard time rolling out of bed the next morning, but will hopefully avoid Rhabdo.
Wow, I had no idea. I use a makeshift GHD situp, but apparently the real thing is much harder.

EDIT: Thanks Steven as well!

This makes sense. I "assume" someone who has been trained on a steady regimen of high-rep squats can take more, but this sounds serious. I will definitely look into this.
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