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Re: The Gray Cook/Mike Boyle interview back on the community board please

Ok, after spending a very exhausting day on the forums (yes, I gave in and paid the $1), it seems like the majority of the people there are fairly receptive to some of the concepts of CrossFit, but feel that it has been implemented poorly to the masses. (There are of course many other arguments against CrossFit still out there, but this is the one that I see as potentially the most valid - and one that the CrossFit community can do something about).

This argument is quite easy to quantify due to the numerous videos on YouTube that exhibit exceptionately terrible form - some of these videos are even filmed at affiliates. Now, in my opinion, I think our detractors are a little too concerned about injury, but after watching some of those videos, I can see why they feel the way they do.

While I was there, I believe I was able to make at least a few small dents in their armor. One of the main points that I tried to get across is that CrossFit, Inc. (and CrossFit, the program) cannot - and should not - be held accountable for things that do not happen under their "roof" (literally and figuratively, i.e.: internet domain). People of all disciplines in the gym display dangerous form every day, but this does not in itself mean that bodybuilding is unsafe, nor powerlifting or weightlifting. The same can be said of CrossFit.

However, their point still stands that there really is a lot of bad CrossFitting going on out there. So the question is, how do we fix it? Some will say that it's not our responsibility, that we've all managed to do the right things and strive daily to meet the standard of virtuosity that Coach Glassman expects from each and every one of us, thus others can use their brain just as we did. However, I contend that - to some extent - it is our responsibility to help others where we can. This is especially true of the not so internet savvy crowd or people that truly do not have the capacity to understand the ideas as they are presented on the site. This is not to say that we should go galavanting from gym to gym in search of CrossFitters who can't thruster to save their life and deadlift with rounded backs, but if you see someone at your globo (or base) gym (or affiliate) getting it all wrong, the best course of action may be to politely strike up a conversation (after they are finished of course!) and attempt to establish a line of communication that can be built upon.

I know we can't save everyone, that is not my point. I am merely contending that as the CrossFit community continues to grow, the burden that rests on our shoulders will continue to increase at an exponential rate.

Just my meger $0.01 (you get a discount because I can't seem to make my posts any shorter).

- Alex
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