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Market Research Survey *Need your assistance*

- Currently I am developing a business plan for a future CrossFit facility/affiliate.

- To assist me in the market analysis portion of the plan I am developing a couple of surveys. One trying to determine who are CrossFit athletes and another geared towards lessons learned from current affiliates.

- I am creating these surveys through Zoomerang, an online survey development and analysis tool.

- Once I have compiled the questions and created the surveys I would like the CrossFit community's assistance in distributing and taking the survey.

- In return I will make the results of the survey available to the CrossFit community.

- I believe with the support of the community all of us, participants, current and future affiliates can benefit greatly from the information obtained through this survey.

- I am acutely aware that there is a lot of information out there that I don't know that I don't know about. This is where I need your help now. What should I be asking current and potential CrossFit victims?

-Below is a list of questions that I have brainstormed on my own. If you could look them over and make suggestions about additional questions or changes to current questions that would be greatly appreciated.

- Try to limit open ended questions.

- When supplying multiple choice questions list the available choices also.

- I intend to open the survey within 2 weeks.

- I have the ability to create several surveys so if ideas come up for additional surveys that might be helpful I am all ears.

- I will post another thread pertaining to affiliates later.

- In defense of the questions below they were compiled during a brainstorm session so not all of these questions will be used.

Personal Questions
• Age?
• Sex?
• Married?
• Children?
• Occupation?
• Annual income?
• Highest level of education?
• Military veteran?
• If veteran what branch?
• If veteran what was your specialty/occupation? (ie: Infantry, Supply)
• What kind of home, apartment or condo do you live in?
• Do you rent or own your home?
• Where do you go on vacation?
• What kind of car/truck/SUV do you drive?
• What kinds of magazines do you read?
• What nationality are you?
• What forms of entertainment do you indulge in?
• Are you attending college/university?

Previous Physical Activity
• Active in sports while in high school, college or beyond?
• What level of recognition/accomplishment did you attain if any? (varsity, state champion, national champion, Olympic qualifier, professional level, coach)
• Do you currently participate in any athletic endeavours? 5k runs, Triathalons, Olympic Weightlifting, Soccer team, volleyball team, fitness center/gym member, etc. etc.
• If so what activities do you participate in?
• What are your reasons/goals for participating in the above physical endeavours?
• Do you prefer team sports (ie. soccer) or individual (ie. running)?
• What do you like/dislike about participating in team sports?
• What do you like/dislike about participating in individual sports?
• Do you consider yourself athletic/fit now?
• Why do/don’t you consider yourself athletic/fit?

CrossFit Exposure
• How did you find out about CrossFit?
• How did you find out about your local affiliate?
• Are you currently or ever been a member of a CrossFit affiliate?
• Have you ever worked out at a CrossFit affiliate?
• What was the membership rates/fees?
• Was the rates/fees fair in your opinion?
• If applicable, why did you leave/stop working out at the affiliate?
• What was your opinion of the level of coaching you received at the affiliate?
• How far away did you live from the affiliate?
• How far would you consider driving to an affiliate’s gym to workout?
• Did you feel that the workouts were too difficult/easy?
• How many times a week did you attend classes?
• What were/are you fitness goals?
• Are/were you achieving those goals through CrossFit?
• Would you recommend CrossFit to your friends and family?
• Would you recommend the CrossFit affiliate to your friends and family?
• What times of the day did you got to the affiliate to work out?
• Were there enough classes offered so that you were able to attend them?
• Is there a shower at the affiliate you attended?
• Did the availibility of a shower affect your ability/desire to attend classes?
• Would you prefer monthly unlimited classes at a fixed rate per class or would you prefer an unlimited membership where you could attend as many classes per week as you would like?
• Would you attend a CrossFit certification seminar?

Previous Fitness Center/Gym Experiences
• Have you belonged to another fitness center/ gym before?
• Are you still there? If not why did you leave?
• What did you like about the fitness center/gym?
• What didn’t you like about the fitness center/gym?
• How far away did you live from the fitness center/ gym?
• How much did you pay per month to be a member of the fitness center or gym?
• Did you participate in group fitness classes?
• What kind of group fitness classes did you participate in?
• Have you worked with a personal trainer?
• What did or didn’t you like about working with a personal trainer?

• What would make a great CrossFit affiliate gym in your opinion?
• What is the single most important factor affecting your decision to join a fitness center/gym/CrossFit affiliate?
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