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Re: CrossFit Alpha Website Re-Vamp and Re Launch!

chris is doing something pretty innovative with his site and an integration with LogsItAll. Basically he figured out that by having his athletes create a profile and start logging their workouts in the system, he can then embed their workouts in real time right into his website using a logsitall feed - giving him pretty cool dynamic content for his site. you can see this in action by visiting and scrolling down to see tabata squat standings..., run jump lift and diablo crossfit are all working on the same thing - but so far Chris has gotten the farthest...

the code to do this looks like a snarl but basically you just paste this into your blog/site:

<IFRAME id="frmStandings" NAME="standings_frame" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=200 src=" s&gender=&ag=&mmx=max"><br />

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