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Re: Resting between Reps - when its considered a set vs. heavy singles?

I think what defines a "set of 5" vs. 5 singles is a bit subjective, especially for something like deadlifts. For say, bench, it's easy... if you rack the weight, the set is over. But for deads you're supposed to let it down fully. Personally, I think if you're waiting more than 2-3 seconds in-between reps (enough time to get back in position and take maybe 2 quick breaths) then you're really stretching the definition of a "set". If you have to take your hands off the bar and stand up for a few seconds, the "set" is definately over. But if you're only resting 5-10 seconds, it's hardly heavy singles, either, since you wouldn't be able to do 5 singles at 95 - 100% of your max that fast.

What you're describing sounds to me like you should back off just a bit for sets of deadlift, but bench and squat it's probably ok... you're not really "resting" in squats unless you rack the bar.
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