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Re: Good Orthopedist in NYC


Not weird at all. I tore my right labrum during an Oly comp. However didn't know it was tore until a month later. Also during that month didn't have any strength (NO STRENGTH) Why a month? Thought all I needed was rest. I finally decided to see a Dr when I couldn't sleep through the night because of the pain. Actually I woke up in pain so that morning called a highly regarded orthopedist.

Fortunately, I saw him the same morning which is generally impossible. But luckily I had a good network. I had the same symptons as you. However, I had no strength in my right shoulder found out via "can test." X-ray showed some bone spurs nothing abnormal except for the non-existent strength. Got MRI and there you go torn labrum. Anyhow decided not to do surgery and do intense rehab. Took about 1 yr to get full range and strength back w/o pain.

Come to think of it I have the name of my orthopedist. Dr. Howard Levy 212-744-8114 He's in the upper east side around york and 86. All i remember I took the 5 train to 86 lexington stop. He came highly regarded from my mentor Dr. Paul Juris. (Link w/f/s)

I know he can help you. He's in a practice with other orthopedist. Among them is the guy who invented the knee brace that you see on all the Offensive Lineman where in the NFL, NCAA.

You're on the right path not waiting for it to get worse like I did.

Good Luck,
Randy Gruezo
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