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Hi all, I have a great story to share.

This past weekend I was at a big family event in FL. There was an uncle there who I haven't seen for awhile (maybe 2 years). I was wearing a t-shirt, and when he first sees me he says, very seriously "God you've gotten big -- you must be doing steroids!" I shake my head and say no, and he says, "I don't believe you." Then another family member, a cousin, comes over and says, "You are using steroids, aren't you." I say no. They say, "Then where did all that come from?" at which point I admitted to them that I am in fact using steroids -- natural steroids -- the kind that can only be purchased with hard work at Crossfit.

I am actually not that big (at least I don't think so). What I think has happened is that 1) everything is starting to fall into proportion more as a result of my workouts, 2) I am leaner because of the zone, and 3) I have gained some muscle in some areas as a result of new exercises and shocks to my body (handstands and rope climbs, for example, which I had never done before Crossfit).

So then my uncle, and all of my cousins wanted to know about "this Crossfit." I held their attention for about an hour, explaining our philosophies, dietary habits, and routines. Everyone was very interested -- I think we may have a few new converts! I am always a little reluctant to talk about the "failure" of isolation exercises and machines because SO MANY people (including most of my cousins) are absolutely wedded to them. But they were receptive, and when I went into a handstand for them (against the wall) they were quite impressed.

So this is great -- thanks to all my trainers at CFHQ, especially Lani Lau, who kicks my butt!
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