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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Monday- got a good nights sleep yeah!

Got to the gym at 12:30 and warmed up the hammies and the shoulders. Normal warm-up.

Filmed the hspu on the line so that I could get the feel. I don't know why I react to change and worry if it will effect me so negatively. Wondering who will do what, what will I do, too fast, too slow, too low, no reps, my judge.. etc.

I do miss having a coach who helps with the details.

Anyway the 225 and the 315 felt fine. I was firing the hspu just fine.

Got my pre workout in and was ready to go. Coach Kyle counted for me.

3.2.1. go-
21 dl- 225 14/7 felt good
21 hspu- 15/6
15- dl 10/5
15 - hspu 10/5
9- dl 5/4
9- hspu 6/3
Usually you do this workout as fast as possible. The reps are strung together and the standards are low.
Wanted to do 4 min but took 4.5.

Well enter 315# that ate my lunch. First half was fine but then got heavy fast- 5/5/4/3/2/2 or so. Took over 2.5 min or about 1/3 of the time.
First hs walk fell over in the first 5' funny hs walks are my jam. A few seconds to recover then 25' turned around waited a few seconds then 20/5'.

Had about :40 but for the 15 dl of 315 did not have it. Got 2/1/1/1/1. Score of 127.

If I were to do anything different I would have gone faster on the Diane in order to have more time.

Gotta work on those fatigues reps of dl's. That was the log jam. I really thought that I could do better but the training has not been regular and my strength program.. what strength program?

Happy to move up about 17 spots. If I can move up 10 or more then near the first page.

We will see how 18.5 works out. Seems as C2B, wall balls, thrusters, snatch, s2o, lunges, clean and jerk and box jumps.. maybe a crazy mash up of 7 rounds of 7 reps each. Box owners not dream!

Went home after and worked on my hill top deck. What a view!
Owner of Fran: 2:36 Diane: 2:30 Jackie 5:43 Mary 15+ rounds Helen 6:58
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