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Re: Starting tiny; does it still work?

Myself and 2 partners were looking for a boutique type of Crossfit facility. We looked around for a while and nothing that was workable for our needs in the price range and size (and who accepted CrossFit) was available. So enter the 6700 sf box we have now. Many of our ideas about costs were based on a gym that was 1/2 the size. More paint, flooring, art, equipment, rigs, rowers.. etc just to fill it up. So sometimes small is not available.

We were incredibly blessed with turns of events, our skill set, people who were waiting for us to open.... etc..

When I started out CrossFit I was disgusted by the weekend hours. We are open 8AM -12 Noon on Saturday with a free partner workout and also our Oly class. Sunday is open gym 9AM to 12Noon. Monday thru Friday 5:30AM to 1PM then 4PM to 8PM.

We have a fat burning class that I teach with the object of weight loss via depleting their energy systems. 110-120 pulse 60-75 min worth of rowing. That brought in some clients.

We have CrossFit Kids also.. very popular. We are blessed to have a wonderful coach for this.

Just started a meditation experience Every other Sunday evening.

Other reasons for our successes are- our name CrossFit Dark Side- people love it. Our shirts- people love the logo and from all over we get requests to purchase them. I own a steel fabrication shop and we built all custom racks and some storage. Our experience, our contacts, our abilities in Crossfit.. etc.

I believe that you have to factor in payment for your time or else its just a hobby.

In the thread they say that they made the overhead but have not paid themselves anything. Forcing this into the overhead is a must.

Opening a box from jump is a tough rode if some planets don't align.

I would look into purchasing a box that is all ready established. They have the possibility of being a better investment strategy.

I really don't know how people do it with opening a box and have a full time job. Mad respect to those who do it well.
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