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Re: Starting tiny; does it still work?

Originally Posted by Kathy Blasko View Post
by month 6 - we were already meeting our overhead. BUT - my husband who runs the box - still is not taking a salary.

the more successful and slicker boxes (not a diss to those places - they are top notch affiliates for who we have a lot of respect for)...but we are pretty grassroots and have no bells and whistles. A clean facility that has a great community to it.

We did not expect to make expenses in our first 6 months but we did expect a good 5 years before we were profitable.
I want to echo your experience.

My wife opened a CrossFit gym in 2010 in a small town. The next nearest box was an hour away.

We financed $18,000 for equipment and found a really cheap warehouse space to rent a block off the main road through town - great location! The warehouse space was down the hallway around the corner from the nearest neighbor, so there were no complaints about noise. It really was a fantastic location.

In a few months there was enough income to meet all the debt payments and obligations, but no pay for my wife or the other two coaches. They all agreed to work for ownership in the LLC.

We loved the friendly feel of the gym.

After a year we moved to another state. My wife sold her half of the business to one of the gym members who had done his L1. She got paid enough to pay off the remainder of the debt, but no profit. So she worked for a year for no pay.

Since we left, the box doubled it's size twice. The coaches have a way to transport their equipment, so they go train the sports teams at the local high school. They're growing at their own location and reaching out to the community.

Now we live in Colorado. We tried out membership at a couple different boxes here that are big and well established. We didn't stay. We missed the community of the smaller box.
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