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Re: fitness for a 3 yr old. just keep them outside?

Originally Posted by Kevin Johnson View Post
our son just turned 3, i have a garage gym and have loved that he has been able to watch me and mimmicks the movements i do. im more of a 531 / sprints and sled drag kinda person over xfit, but it seems xfit is really into helping kids be fit more than other fields. i am just wondering though, i want my son to be healthy and fit, but he doesnt really care to follow very specific instructions yet. this may be a silly and obvious question, but is the best thing for him to be healthy right now besides us eating well just a matter of him being outside a lot, playing, running, biking etc? is there a website w fun xfit style workouts for kids this age? i see them occassionally but not like a list of diff things age appropriate. thanks for any help, or just tell me im crazy.
I have three kids, 9-6 and 1, and jump rope might be fun for them. Also, finding a gymnastics class or a playset with rings/bar to hang and swing from would be cool.

Have fun with it!

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