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Re: headphones for working out

Wrap around buds can work for Weightlifting. Generally I don't like to wear headphones when I'm lifting because I don't want my phone popping out of my pocket. I also cracked a screen once because it was in my back pocket on a PR clean. Dumb. In my defense, wearing headphones helps me block out crappy music or having to hear lots of people babbling around me (JuCo ish globogym [I'm also something of an introvert so too many people and I prefer to shut them out anyways]).

What I need to do is get a small mp3 player again which I usually clip to my shorts and feed the phones behind me (with the player either above my *** or on the side of my hip).

I do see some people at the gym use old school headphones but then again they're not moving around quickly. Just typical bodybuilding or squats, presses, deads, etc.

Anytime my shoulder is close to my ear is a time when my buds might actually get knocked out, even with wraparounds. Think handstands or anything in hanging (unless your grip is wider than shoulders).
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