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Re: WOD without equipment

Originally Posted by Wim Lokate View Post
I have moved to another home and now I dont have he space to put a barbell or a bench or something like that.
I am a martial artist and want to use the WOD to stay in shape.
But I only have a heavy sandbag (about 50 kilo), 2 kettlebells (20 and 24 kilo) a pull-up bar and a dipstation, and off course a heavy bag to kick and punch.
Is there a possibility to train the WOD with the things I have? Or are there special WOD;s when you have no equipment as I do?
AS I said, I realy like the idea to get stronger and to get in overall shape for my martial arts but I dont know how i CAN DO THAT.
You have plenty of options, Wim. You can program your own WOD with the equipment on hand as well as incorporating bodyweight exercises.

Browse (WSF) and get some ideas; you can filter to find bodyweight, kettlebell, etc workouts.

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