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Justin Swalberg
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Hi everyone,

About 2 months ago, when I was just starting to learn how to snatch, I snatched too much weight over my head using bad form: I used my shoulders to “rotate” the weight up over my head instead of raising the weight vertically using my legs/traps and getting under the bar. I instantly felt a pain in my left shoulder and stopped lifting, hoping it would go away. It just felt like your average “tweak.”

2 months later, I still have pain in my shoulder. Let me try to describe it. When I let my arm hang loose by my side, I can push on the side of my shoulder (towards the front, right where the front deltoid and the side deltoid meet) and feel something move and click. I cannot do this on my right shoulder. The pain originates where that clicking/moving thing is. I can feel pain in my shoulder simply by bringing my elbow back and away from my body and twisting my side deltoid into my front deltoid.

I can do heavy deadlifts, cleans, and squats even with this injury, although some positions/movements do cause pain, such as pull-ups if I’m not careful. It seems that dips are what cause the most pain. Since the injury hasn’t been getting better, I have decided not to do any more exercises until I figure out how to heal this shoulder properly.

I plan on seeing a doctor soon about this (in the next couple of weeks), but before I do, what do you all recommend?

Thank you in advance,
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