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Rob Samuels
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Re: Protien question

In my opinion, you have made a plan for yourself; now follow through with that plan. Make changes along the way based on your results. As I said earlier many here will speculate on your results based on their experience or what they have read but all that is really important is how it all works for you.

You can go on 10 different exercise and nutrition related message boards and get 50 new "plans" each day everyday based on "somebody's" (read unknown person with who knows what kind of credentials if any at all) idea of what you should be doing.

Nutrition and exercise is always evolving and your plan can to but you have to start someplace or you will be mired in place by the suggestions of the masses.

Go run! Eat 1500 calories! do crossfit! If you are not seeing progress every couple weeks then tweak something. Itís nice to get opinions and hear from the gurus and read all the research and Iím not discounting any advice you might get but if you change your plan everyday based on someone elseís suggestion, thatís really no plan at all.
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