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Re: Achilles surgery

Nps Todd i guessed as much with your vocation

I did what ever i fancied!

Skin the cat, front and back lever progressions - L-hang and sits. Invert for time. Dips and pullups....

Im ashamed to say i havent DONE a MU yet! Shameful i know!

Although Jason K's mainpage vid has put some fire in my belly again

Pushups and all the variations - there is a tonne! Id suggest getting on youtube or similar and just going for a browse.... I recall CF demos has a ace one of Annie doing ring pushups!

In effect what id end up doing was either starting the rings "high" (at waist or higher) or low (ground level). Putting in most of the graft there then adjusting the rings to the other level and finishing off there...

I might do the same "routine" 2-3 days running before throwing in new stuff. Or i might vary each day. No set reps or program just playing with the moves greasing the groove (quality work stopping before failure). Having fun!

Thinking back id usually do some stretching - swing arms to get some warmth into shoulders - then play with say skin the cat for a bit - go through 6-8 reps perhaps 3 sets (full recovery). That kinda thing. Most stuff done for quality not time. If i felt i needed some sorta metcon kick id do it at the end and up reps and intensity....

Or id stretch a bit and use the first few sets of pushups and flys as a warmup....

Good fun! Infact this thread has made me miss my rings (which i havent setup since summer!). So much i fancy setting up some hooks in my living room ceiling....

Good luck with it Todd - dont worry about "i havent done this or that before". Playing with the rings i found pretty natural intuitive and fun! You soon find your level and start to progress.... Squeeze that core and generate tension!
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