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Jorge Montesinos
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Re: Experimenting with CFSB

Originally Posted by Jorge Montesinos View Post
Shoulder press 3 sets of 5

150f 2 reps

high reps 15-12-9 95lbs rested 2 min each set.


30 yd shuttle
6 one arm db power snatches (3 each hand)
6 ctb pullups
6 clapping pushups
6 box jumps 30'
rest repeat for a total of 5 rounds

1/1 work to rest ratio so 1st round was 1:36 so rested that much between each round

1st round- 1:36
2nd round- 1:44
3rd round-1:52
4th round- 1:55
5th round- 1:41

db power snatches were with 70lbs
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