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Re: Chimp strength

Originally Posted by Bob Herald View Post
That's like old man strength plus farmer strength. Lol. So the question is, what is the best way to train the grip to get that kind of strength??? Sub maximal grip work every day would seem to be kind of what they do?
I would say yes.

Some of the best strength carry over I ever had was in high school working in fields and manual labor during the summer. I ate a ton and worked non stop. Sure the first few weeks sucked but eventually I adapted and improved.

If I did it now it would take a good 2-4 weeks for my body to adapt again (maybe more since older) but eventually it would.

Everyday he is out wrangling cattle, fixing broken fences, etc. There isn't many "easy" days by our definition. His arms aren't huge but his grip was amazing.

I think the key for anything is training it continually. So many people wuss out after 2,4,6,8,12 whatever weeks. Amazing results aren't achieved quickly but in steady and constant steps. He didn't get there in 1 year but after a lifetime of doing it.
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