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Re: Rejected article written for Crossfit Journal

Originally Posted by Andrew Bell View Post
Nice write up. Shame on the Journal for not wanting to publish this.
I'm sure they recieve many, many articles and that likely weighed heavily on their choice of whether to publish mine or not.

I do have to admit I was a little surprised at the rationale explained in the rejection email. I take it as meaning the Crossfit Journal is published for Crossfitters that are already aware of the fact that Crossfit can help one achieve physical goals dictated by activities pursued outside the Box.

Frankly for me, initially, that is exactly why I started Crossfitting. But as I tried to outline in the article I found so much more in that Box than just an exercise program. For Joyce and I it was the "fitness family" that adopted us that kept us coming back and keeps me coming back long after that Dall Sheep hunt.
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