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Re: Rejected article written for Crossfit Journal

Originally Posted by David Narens View Post
I just got back from a stag hunt in the Scottish highlands. I was more than good to go due to my CF training also. I was on the stalker's heels the whole time while the men in our group were ready for a break on the third day. Being in physical shape is key to having fun on these hunting trips.
No doubt. Love to hear about your Scottish trip. PM me some contact info if you want to chat. Don't want to polute the board with talk from us "blood lusting Barbarians".

I must say though, right now I have Moose, Caribou, and Dall Sheep in my freezer and the Sheep is just freaking amazing. I may have to try again next year. Sheep hunters, like all mountain hunters, have short memories when it comes to the pain.

Keep up the good work on the Crossfit. I can honestly say I'm probably in even better shape now than I was at the start of the hunt in August. I haven't been walking with the pack weighted though. I should probably keep that up as long as possible until we hit some major snow, which for us is probably not far off.
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