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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Hi Victor-
The title of your thread caught my eye.

What was your coach's reasoning for not wanting to participate in Regionals? I would probably be a bit disappointed if I had helped a team qualify, only to be told later, "Sorry, my decision is that we are not going."

Apart from that, have you told your coach your goal of making it to (and winning) the Games in 2014? Does he have a plan to help you get there?

If you do not find that your weaknesses are being sufficiently addressed, you may want to check out The Outlaw Way. Rudy, the owner of Outlaw CrossFit and the author of the Outlaw Way blog, is an excellent programmer, and most of his programming hits the areas where you would like to see gains.

Best of luck.
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