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Re: Glen Becks $9 online university 9 classes

Originally Posted by Ned Ferguson View Post
The irony is that this is the same tripe that Coach Glassman faces, as he has recounted numerous times. Where are Glassman's credentials? How dare he presume to define "fitness" and "health" -- slippery terms that doctorates have failed to pin down? How dare he begin a rival fitness method and proclaim its superiority? How dare Glassman purport to engage in science?

Glassman faces multiple assaults from those threatened by his effrontery. He regularly faces ad hominem attack. The educated elite and powerful fitness institutions seek to lobby the state (i.e. use force where they lose debate) to thwart the Crossfit movement as I write. If they can only succeed in requiring the requisite "licenses" and "credentials" they will win the battle. This is a perfect example of the corrupt, institutional "bad" chasing out the good fruit of freedom.

Crossfit is becoming more popular (at least from what I see). It takes time, even years, for ideas to be accepted. I wouldn't say that the 'educated elite' are thwarting its popularity just yet. Actually, I've never read about an instance of the 'educated elite' lobbying the state specifically with an anti-Crossfit agenda. Like I said, Crossfit is becoming popular, most people don't know it exists. And if we're talking about the state, then what should we make of your claim given that several police, fire, and military institutions have adopted Crossfit as a program?

I think a better explanation may be that, from what I know, there isn't much research between whatever programs these 'powerful fitness institutions' adhere to and Crossfit. The wonderful thing is that if you truly believe the other people to be wrong, all you have to do is conduct some experiments and falsify their claims. Then give an argument for your position and send it all in to some journals. It will be peer reviewed, the results replicated elsewhere, and you'll be held in high praise.

You're making some vague references to the 'educated elite' and in this case the 'powerful fitness institutions'. Who are these people? I'm about to earn a degree, am I part of the educated elite? Are they elite because they're educated? Are you even referring to academia? I'm not sure you are because the whole point of academia is to have opposing views duke it out with peer reviewed discussion and research, and this doesn't seem relevant to the example you gave at all.