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Re: CrossFit vs. GymJones

March 23, 2007, Coach went public on the main page about Mark Twight. Read the posted link on the WOD for that day (pay attention to the legend), as well as the comments. Coach is quite clear about Mark Twight's integrity.

Basically, the man couldnt due a pull up, couldnt complete fran even at girl weight, and was completely useless with heavy lifts. He began CF'ing, got in good shape, opened an affiliate.

Then for some reason just because he makes his own WOD he thinks hes no longer doing CF. Do any affiliates just follow the main page wod? Im pretty sure EVERYONE makes up their own/does the wods in their own order...

Also, search the forum for Mark Twight posts. Its amazing that he can claim what he does as his own IP when there is so much evidence to the contrary.

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