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"The Chief" - Mp3

Thought I'd share the link, even though I haven't set up a download for it yet... working on it. I have limited bandwidth, so I can't just have every Tom, Dick and Harry leeching my beloved mp3's, but once I get a secure way of linking to downloads, I'll post again...

In the meantime, I just used the standard Tabata Chimes, randomly selected some tracks from my library, and pieced together an mp3 for "The Chief."

The "random selections" took a few tries; for some reason Barry White kept coming up... I didn't realize my Barry White collection was so expansive.

anyways... once you're done laughing at my crappy performance: (w/f/s; site may contain some profanity elsewhere)

You should be able to just stream it in the embedded player -- sometimes it takes a little tinkering/dragging of the slider to get it to go (keep in mind there's 45 seconds of dead-air at the start).

Let me know if anyone would like the mp3 in the meantime and I'll e-mail it or something, assuming I can't get a download thing working on my site. Enjoy (sorta).
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