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Re: 2009 & 2010 Crossfit Games steroid testing?

Well, well, well...what took you all so long, eh? 7 months from the Games...

I participated in the testing at Games 2009. There were no positive results. Believe me or not, neither I nor anyone associated with CFHQ will care.

Once again we have the self-righteous arm-chair QB's weighing in from afar, assuming the negative, denying Crossfitters the assumption of goodwill. Much of this was covered in an excruciatingly long thread on this Board.

The Crossfit Games will be held this year in Aromas, the fourth time they have occurred. Games I were little more than a barbecue at which some Crossfitters did three WOD's. Casual would be an understatement. Games II were a bigger deal, but still a small and insular enough event (part of a still small and insular community) that "learning on the fly" is a very accurate description.

Along comes Games III and uh oh, thousands of Crossfitters now exist in a world in which all of a sudden there's money involved. Someone at HQ, looking at this growth says something like "well, maybe we ought to PED test", and PED testing is introduced. Do you have any idea how expensive it was to do the rudimentary testing that occurred at Games III? Have you any idea how much money the Games cost? How much money was LOST in the production of the Games?

Come on...grow up. This is the fifth running of the Games and this year we not only have Regional qualifiers but Sectional as well. To compare and contrast Crossfit and the Crossfit Games in the FOURTH GAMES with international organizations that have existed and run competitions for decades is silly. Might this be where Crossfit and the Games end up, as big as international weightlifting, Track and Field, etc.? Boy, I sure bet the Glassmans hope so, but it ain't there today, and insisting that somehow that represents some sort of nefarious, underhanded, sneaky program that lacks transparency and legitimacy is silly.

It's a four year old project. It will continue to evolve in all ways. IMO you have exactly the wrong approach and the wrong angle if your first inclination is to assume bad faith. Two new coaches have used PED's and that means all competitors, all Crossfit firebreathers are now users? John Wellbourn did not qualify to compete in Games III; he has used PED's as a professional football player by some accounts. Because he was in Games II (and got his butt handed to him) now all competitors are users? THIS is your rationale for malignant skepticism? Really?

Do you have expertise in PED testing at the international level? Willing to offer high quality help in a positive light? My bet is that you would find a receptive ear at CFHQ. The people running the Crossfit Games are trying their best to run them clean, above-board, and well.

Believe me or not.

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