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Re: 2009 & 2010 Crossfit Games steroid testing?

Originally Posted by Shane Skowron View Post
Because it has been confirmed that at least one past Games competitor (Welbourne) and at least two certification coaches (Simmons and Tate) have used performance enhancing drugs.
And because (even in the absence of those cases) you want to keep PEDs from even gaining a tiny foothold in the sport. Keeping PED use from becoming a problem is a hell of a lot easier than stopping it once it's already a problem.

Frankly, in this day & age, - and with as taxing as the Crossfit Games are - I think it's perfectly sensible to assume that PED use will be very compelling to some of the athletes, perhaps especially considering the aggressive cuts that happen after day one. It's not a stretch at all for me to believe that there's at least one athlete out there who is okay with the thought of "After all the time, money, and work that I've put into this, there's no way I'm getting cut after day one." And in goes the needle.


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