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Re: 2009 & 2010 Crossfit Games steroid testing?

As far as the results go, I don't know for sure, but since it was stated that anyone who failed the test would be disqualified, and there don't seem to be any mysterious disqualifications, I conclude that everyone passed.
I don't know if "Well, they didn't say anything, so it must be OK" passes muster if you want to market the Crossfit Games as a serious athletic competition. There's a level of professionalism in drug-testing in other sports (like USA Weightlifting, or raw powerlifitng associations) that we're not seeing here. For instance, if I look up how drug testing is done in those sports, I can get information on who does them, how often athletes are tested, labs the tests were sent to, how the tests were done, etc, etc. It's much more open-source I guess than the Crossfit procedure, where we were told "People are going to be drug tested"--but beyond that absolutely no information was given. Without laying out to the public the details of the procedure and results how are we supposed to know if anyone was actually drug-tested, or if it was done in a fair and accurate manner? How are sponsors supposed to know? How are we supposed to take HQ's claims seriously?

For instance, drug-testing was same-day, but my understanding is there are no same-day drug tests . . . Seriously, what's going on with the steroid testing? Or shall we accept the Games as a juiced competition?
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