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Re: Drop in Fee

Originally Posted by Bryan Edwards View Post
Being in a popular beach community we are swamped with tourist which includes tons of CrossFitters. Our rates are $15 for drop ins but waved if you buy a shirt. Those who give us a heads up and swap affiliate shirts get the fee waved. Most of the visitors we have had are experienced and do not require additional instruction. Its been my personal experience while traveling that most boxes extend the same offerings. Affiliate owners are not charged and we enjoy the visitors because they bring an unknown element into the box. Most give us great feedback on their experience and sometimes give us new ideas we implement into or box. So if you are in the Myrtle Beach area we have open doors for CF athletes.

DITTO this comment about bringing unknown. I ask every drop in visitor questions about things they do back home. Warm ups, techniques, etc. There's value in learning from people who are not a part of your daily process.
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