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Re: Drop in Fee

Originally Posted by Josh Cook View Post
Well said.

I advertise a drop in rate on the website, but rarely ever collect it. I've never been charged by an affiliate when I've visited, so I try to pass the goodwill on. I always buy a shirt, though.
Because of our location(south florida), we get a lot of people that are only around for 1or 2 days. For that we usually offer people the opportunity to buy a shirt, or trade one from their gym back home, or to buy me a plate of ribs.
I don't charge other affiliate owners, because they usually aren't interested in being coached anyway, they just want to workout.
Active duty military never get charged.
If anyone is visting for a longer period than 1 or 2 days, we work something out.
Honestly, I rarely collect a drop in fee myself...especially if the person comes in and 'brings something to the table'.
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