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Re: Drop in Fee

Originally Posted by Tricia Magrini View Post
Thanks all. I totally agree it depends on whether it is local folks interested in joining vs. a travelling Crossfitter. I just think $25 is $hitty for a L1 trainer trying to get a WOD in. get in free cus you're hot.
I get what you're saying, but also...
you're wanting to use their facility, their programming, their equipment, take up their time in class, be covered by their insurance...there's a cost for that.
I recognize the idea of an L1 cert. I also recognize that I've seen people in my own affiliate who've called ahead to tell me their coming, tell me their crossfit history, tell me where and when they got their L1, and reassure me several times that they're just looking to come in and workout and maybe meet some new people...then that person actually arrives at my gym and they're a hot mess AND nearly uncoachable because hey man, they're an L1.
That side of the coin is quite frustrating.
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