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Re: Looking for CrossFit in Chicago area, north shore

There is so much out there in the Illinois' area now that you do have a couple of choices.

1) Windycity Crossfit in chicago itself.

2) Rockford Crossfit. A bit of a hike but worth the trip.

3) Dave Ojeda owns Crossfit Chicago.

4) Future Firehouse Crossfit will be opening and that is exciting also.

5) *Within Chicago also I run an outdoor starting Crossfit group workout at Wilson Park (*NW side of chicago). If any of you need more information please don't hesitate to call any of the above or email and you'll get prompt replies.

5) There are plenty of others practicing Crossfit in your area and some may not be posting either. Have patience. One of us will be happy to accomodate you one way or another.

*I am heading out to Crossfit Level 1 Cert next week in Texas, and boy am I stoked. I will be updating the blog and getting guest writers also.

Stay tuned.

I do hope this information helps.

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