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I decided to go with the heavier weight and see what happened. I warmed up to 330 (164*2 rounded up) it felt heavy and kind of intimidating since I hadn't done regular deads in close to two years (lots of cleans and snatches though). So I started and when I got to the deads I was predictably winded since I tried to go pretty fast on the bike. The set of twelve became a collection of loosely connected singles, doubles and triples but I finished the reps and flopped to the floor. There I started the second set doing push ups in the same spot where I had fallen. The second mile was quite a bit slower. When I got to the deadlift again I had 3 minutes left. Decided to wait a minute for my heart rate to lower. After the rest I tried to start my set hoping to get at leas 6 more but my legs just wouldn't tense up enough to get the bar going. Rested 30 more seconds and tried it again.... no cigar.
So time ran out on me and as I predicted I was left half way through my second round (ok maybe a third of the way).

Self fulfilling profesy:sad:

happy training
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