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Ok, I'm gonna do this wokout tonight. I'm pretty sure I could do the double body weight deadlifts since I weight about 164 and have done it before for 20 reps. The thing is this; if I do it I have no doubt in my mind I will only get 1 round and maybe start the second set of deadlifts within the 20 minutes (big maybe,I'll probably get the first round done in unde 10 and spend the rest of the time trying to get of the floor).

Any how my question is... would it be beter to do this or to lower the weight to 1.5 body weight and have a chance at maybe 3 rounds during that time? What is more inportant in this case, the volume or the intensity? I am leaning towards lowering the weight, either way will kill me, but just in a slightly diferent way.

happy training
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