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Re: Mike's Training Log (continued from CF Manchester)

1st April 2008
Four rounds, each for time of:
800 meter run

2.55, 3 mins rest,
3.06, 3 mins rest,
3.07, 4 mins rest,

haven't got access to a proper track so used the small one inside my gym which is about 130m long (i know that 6 x 130 isn't 800, but it's plenty far enough with the tight bends)

Weighted Deadhang Pull Ups (DB held between the knees

3 x 14kg DB
3 x 18kg DB
3 x 22kg DB
2 x 26kg DB (just couldn't get my chin over the bar for love nor money on the third rep)

not a huge fan of running, but didn't seem like i was actually in the gym for that long
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