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Re: The case for High intensity warmups

Originally Posted by Chris Mason View Post
I think you might not realize the body's plasticity with respect to energy systems for a given task. Your body will utilize the most efficient energy system (and switch back and forth etc.) for a given imposed task. You don't need to trick it into working. Now, sure, running for a million miles and then trying to strength train is stupid, so to that extent some planning is good. The concept you are presenting would be more accurately applied to the nervous system.
For Alactic, you need to prime the nervous system. But for lactic Power --> lactic endurance & Aerobic power you need to switch over in fuel sources. Sure your body will do it eventually, but the point is to be using the correct fuel from the get go so you train the correct stimulus. Ie- you don't want to start using lactate as fuel during in aerobic workout. During a crossfit WOD its different because thats testing, not training. Also the most efficient energy system may not be what your trying to train. If someone is grossly powerful, they will often go lactic earlier, and they need to learn to use their aerobic system. If someone is grossly aerobic they will default to aerobic metabolism and won't give a high enough ,relative, output to tap Alactic/ lactic.