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Re: The case for High intensity warmups

Originally Posted by Steven Wingo View Post
I would agree with you a warm up which works up to and includes high intensity is important for maximum performance in a subsequent high intensity work bout. But, I wonder if the gains seen in the study are due to a better warm-up of the aerobic system through vasodilation. Even in a 200m run, lasting 20 seconds or so for a world class athlete, a not insubstantial portion of the energy used comes from the aerobic system (just less than 30% for males and about 33% for females according to one study).

Has the increase in the alactic performance been measured? Or do you just have to conclude that based on the fact most of the energy is from the alactic system?
The fact that your operating in the Alactic system is the reason for the increase in performance. When the athlete is taping the aerobic system they will have a lower relative power output, then once they tap Alactic they will be able to generate more total power (measured by watts).
Has it been measured in a lab setting? I don't know, id have to look but I'm sure it has.
Has it been measured in a clinical setting and observed my athletes and coached time and time again? it has, but Im aware thats an unscientific answer.
If you've ever spent time with elite sprinters competing for the 100m dash you'd see how they warm up. it literally takes them up to two hours due to the fact that they require such a high neurological priming.

Also take into account that what was observed in that study isn't relevant to Alactic performance due to the fact that they would be operating under lactic endurance (glycolytic), which would explain the use of aerobic metabolism too. The study is also using individuals with different physiology so it hard to say exactly what was going on (it was just meant to be an example).
In order to fully study this you'd beed to experiment on each person individually due to the fact that the time domains are based on the individuals relative to their output.