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Which would you buy first?


just new here, and don't know if I dare saying that I'm "doing CrossFit" when I look at all you gentlemen and ladies post workouts and PB's... Humbling... At best, I'm trying to wake up early enough (6 AM) every day (3 on 1 off) to squeeze in a homemade workout inspired by CrossFit workouts and generated by my Excel random workout generator/selector.

But I'm fairly limited in options right now. I'm lucky to have salvaged the Concept 2 out of my previous relationship, and have some DB's and a KB, and then bodyweight off course. Mix any of those, and you know what my workouts look like. But I'ld love to switch it up and add more "mass-building exercises".
Box = dressing or living room (with neigbor below)...

In a couple of months I'll be moving to a house with a 50 mē (540 sq.ft.) garage (drooool), which will give me a lot of opportunities off course. (Although I'm still negotiating with GF)

Now, here comes the question : on which item would you spend your hard-earned motivational-jar euro's/dollars (€ 2/workout, € 10/week) first, knowing that the more expensive you go , the longer I'll have to wait.

These are the options (based on the article "Smart Shopping for Your Home Gym" I found on the CFJ, prices from rogueeurope) :

1. The Ohio Bar (€ 340 without plates to start with) (= 8 months)
2. Rogue P-4 Pull-up System (€ 150) (= 3-4 months)
3. Dynamax Medicine Ball 20lbs (€ 125) (= 3 months)

The Plyo Box looks easy enough to be homemade, and I'll find a jump rope somewhere cheap.

My question to you : which would you invest in first?
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