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Re: To much protien??

Originally Posted by Aaron Owens View Post
From what Ive read, excessive protein will be discharged from your body for the most part, too much may be converted to fat, but for the most part it will leave the body unused. The amounts mentioned above by Meredith would be right, but too much is a waste. As far as fat, your body needs it to support soft tissue repair and development (brain, ligaments, tendons, joints and so on) If your body receives enough fat from the right sources, it wont hold onto it for fat stores. Still I feel you need to be careful not to over do it. 40-50% fat per day is more than enough to sustain your body (my personal view). You have to view food as three different things, with three different tasks.

1) Protein: Builds and repairs your muscles
2) Fat: Builds and repairs soft tissue
3) Carbohydrates: Gives your body the fuel to do work

Everything with its proper proportions makes the human machine work right.
Thanks for the replies guys
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