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Re: Zone Diet and Sleep

Originally Posted by Michael Plank View Post
Renee, that's interesting about cortisol levels. It makes sense to me that crossfit would elevate those, but it surprises me that zone eating would do that too, especially since the whole thing is based on achieving a good hormonal balance. I slept like a baby on crossfit alone. I would think that zone eating would make my hormone levels even more favorable, rather than knock them out of whack.

What would you suggest for solving cortisol problems?
Zone "theory" is based on normalizing insulin/glucagon hormone levels. I don't think Sears ever even addresses cortisol in his books.

Basically, what Eric said. The zone as rxed is extremely low calorie. You can either be sedentary with a calorie deficit, or you can be as active as you want and eat to support your activity level. Doing both (low calorie AND intense exercise), on top of the regular daily life stress most of us encounter is usually too much for your body to handle all at once. cortisol gets all out of whack and BOOM! sleep problems arise.

Solve cortisol problems in 3 basic steps:
1) stop overtraining
2) stop undereating
3) take relaxing walks and minimize real world stress

if you want some bandaids while getting the above in line, you can try ZMA, Natural Calm magnesium supplement, pitch black, slightly cold, room, shutting lights/computers/phones off an hour before bed, no caffeine after ~noonish. (or no caffeine at all)...etc
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