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Steve Loeding
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Guest days

Hi peeps - Do you allow people to drop in and try a class ? Or do you have certain days where you have open time and tell those who are interested to stop by then ?

We usually allow people who want to check out to drop by - but I don't like that idea anymore. Number 1, we are busy. Number 2, we have to teach the new person how to do the lifts correctly. Number 3, we may already have a full class.

What I'm thinking is having 3-4 days per month, towards the latter part, where people can stop on by for a free trial workout, where we can teach the basic squat, pushup, pull ups - which then builds a foundation for the beginner classes. Also, this won't be posted on the website, but on our personal gym calender, so we would know if / how many people are going to be there.

This includes the current athletes who want to bring a friend in - although I have learned that people will not stop in unless their friends are with them, I'll either tell them to come with or tell their friend they'll have to man/woman up and try the unknown on their own.

Thoughts ?? Ideas (love ideas - throw 'em out at me) ??

Steve Loeding
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