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Re: Strength Training and a six minute mile

20 consecutive strict no kip GI pullups using pistol grip (ring and little fingers, no strong fingers or thumbs) as long as possible (12 reps). Finished the remaining eight reps with entire hand.

Today's WOD:

Three rounds for time of:
15 95# Hang power cleans
15 Burpees with pushup and overhead clap (no swayback or knee pushups, solid honest plank pushups)

7:03. Yes, I stink at the O-lifts. No breaks on the burpees on any set (good and strong - YAY!), but the HPCs were absolutely horrible. My technique was beyond horrible....I might as well been cleaning a 95# kettlebell the way I was swinging the bar away from myself. Yuck.

Judo throwing dummy and set up practice after the WOD. Will practice with a real partner tonight.
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