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Alix's Asian Crossfit Odyssey

Not really sure how this works...posting a log to CF forum but here goes.

I've been doing Crossfit in Asia since Mid-May. I can't say I've lost any weight (which I'm totally OK with because I've replaced tons of fat with hella amounts of muscle) but my overall strength has improved and my clothes are a lot looser. Khalipa is my idol and I'm addicted to WODs. So much so that I will ditch my friends I haven't seen in a year and a half to go workout. Don't keep me from my box, man.

Screw weight loss. My goals are as follows:
1) Be able to do a pull-up for the first time in my life.
2) Compete, not just complete, but compete in a Tough Mudder by the end of next summer.
3) Fall in love with double-unders, because right now they're killin' me! I can only get two in a row!

So, I've recently been taking to doing benchmark girls since my class was on hiatus, I was on vacation in the US (Crossfit tourism rules), and I need a starting point to really start from since I only did one benchmark (twice) when I first started CF in May.

Today was Elizabeth. 16 kg for the Cleans. Jumping ring dips. Time: 11:06.
I dunno if that's a good time or not, but I don't really care. It kicked my a$$.

In addition, in the past week I've done:
Annie (scaled from Brand X for 25-20-15-10 Single Unders and situps) 4:21
Cindy (scaled jumping pull-ups and incline 5 push-ups). 9 rounds and left off on 8 squats in the progression.
Fran (scaled 16 kg thrusters and jumping pull-ups) 10:44.

I'm pretty sore and doing my best to focus on eating Paleo. It can be difficult to do here since eating out tends to be the norm. Carbs abound.

Today I weighed in after my shower at 98.2 kilos. I'll try to get a more accurate weigh-in pre-workout tomorrow. I wish I had a way to do body composition but I don't, so whatever. I'm focused on meeting my goals and improving my benchmarks times. I won't be posting the "before" photos I took today until I have some "after" photos.

I'm going to post my workouts and rest days here so I have accountability and encouragement. Feel free to kick my a$$ outta complacency if needed.

3-2-1, GO!!!
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