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Re: Anxiety - some help, please...

What does a good psychologist look like?

The only one i've seen was so daunted by my physicality - the whole deferrment to the alpha male thing - like, he was 5'4" and lucky to be 130lb, with me 6'2", 210lb, covered in tattoos and literally taking up most of his tiny office - it was a frustrating waste of five sessions

Obviously there are psychologists and psychologists, just as their are trainers and trainers, and mechanics and mechanics.... any tips on who or what to look for or avoid?

Also the silence is deafening out there!

I had no idea you were all so well-adjusted and balanced all the time...

Speak up all of you with mental illness!

Demystify this subject!

M; 6'2"; 40 yo; 215lb.
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