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Re: The Gray Cook/Mike Boyle interview back on the community board please

Hi Alex,

Thank you and being kind of enough and to see some things that does. I also appreciate it that you kept an open mind with everything and did not become bashful. I had train at a crossfit affiliate for about four months and train on my crossfit on my own before that for about 5 months. I am Crossfit Barbell certified (a must for all professionals, does not matter if you like Crossfit or not). I also have visited/trained at another crossfit gym. So i have seen and train at three different Crossfit gyms.

For myself I have been studying a lot of things that the people in the do. I have read/watch countless amount of their books/dvds, i have been to a perform better seminar ( a very good hands on 3 days of experience). Although I haven't visited any of their gyms but have seen some clips of stuff that they do, but I plan in the near future to visit some of them.

For myself I currently do not like some of the things Crossfit does and some of things the people at does. I am believe that I still need to visit more crossfit gyms/more perform better gyms, and more certs from both until I can give a sound argument that would state negatives and positives of both Crossfit and some strengthcoach gyms.

With that I am one of the few people that has experience in training system in both styles. I agree with some things and disagree with others things that are down in both systems. By the way their is numerous different coaching styles/ training systems on the perform better circuit .

The one thing that annoys on both sides is that people makes comments on something with out experimenting on themselves, training it on others, or fully understanding what someone is doing. You cant understand something without understanding the whole part of the system not just one workout.

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