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Re: My take on CF (what I'm thankful for)

Originally Posted by Aaron Shaffer View Post
I hope this thread can be a place where we can each mention what we're thankful for, so that Coach and our hard working moderator Lynne and everyone else back at HQ know what's working. And if you're very thankful maybe you will suggest ways that you will individually contribute to the CF community in the future. When CrossFit'rs rally great things happen!

Personally I'm thankful for a free, publicly available program that produces incredible results. The free demo videos are really what drew me in and distinguished the CF site from others. I found the FAQ and the videos together very helpful and they allowed me to start on my own. I'm also thankful that of everyone I've met from HQ in person that no one seems arrogant and that they are so helpful. They've got a great thing going, they know it, the athletes there outperform most of us, and I'm thankful to know people like that. Even better is that they allow me to affiliate with them and use the CrossFit name. I'm very proud to be a member of this community.

I have some background in digital media and I plan to contribute by developing many form videos in the coming months and making them public and free on our site. I am of course trying to recruit as many people as possible into CF too. Momentum feels like it's building here in Cleveland, more acquaintances keep starting CF, and we've even got Siren from the Gladiators coming now.

The journal is great too and worth every penny. Thank you HQ for what you do. I would not be seeing the rates of return on my fitness that I'm seeing today without the quality information you provide.
Amen to that! I'm happy to see this thread. Gratitude and Joy are great motivators for excellence! Thankyou Lynne, and Coach Glassman, and All you coaches and fellow community members.
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