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My wife has apparently been going through "the change", and she's having a difficult time with it. Mostly can't sleep, irritable, mood swings, does things out of character etc.
She went to the doctor a few days ago. Dr was too busy to see her at her scheduled appointment (??).
So instead, the nurse gave my wife a scrip for EFFEXOR-XR.
She took them for just two days, and she's worse off now than she ever was. She's not taking them anymore.
I looked up the stuff and found that it is an anti-depressant, with side effects just like her symptoms. It's even said to be addictive.
Have I found yet another reason to distrust the medical community? Or is there some medically logical reason they would prescribe a med that actually exacerbates her symptoms instead of alleviating them?
Are nurses even legally allowed to prescribe meds?
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